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Dr. Tom (Thomas Incledon) is the founder and CEO of Causenta Wellness, and the Causenta Cancer Treatment Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. Doctor Tom's mission at Causenta is to "Kill cancer once and for all with minimal side effects". Join Doctor Tom and the team at Causenta as he answers important questions about cancer treatment and wellness. Doctor Tom dives into breakthrough discussions on breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, glioblastoma multiforme, Lung Cancer, Lung Cancer, Sarcoma, Small Intestinal Cancer, Adenocarcinoma, Adenosquamous Cancer, Ampullary cancer, Bladder Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Gall Bladder Cancer, Non-Hodgkins lymphoma B Cell, Ocular Melanoma, and Ewing's sarcoma

Feb 26, 2020

This week, Doctor Tom goes over an Exosome Injection he had last year in July. After getting the injections he felt rejuvenated,filled with vigor, and thought he could lift a truck. Doctor Tom goes over such questions such as:

  • What happens with a Exosome injection?
  • Does Causenta off Exosome injections?
  • What can...

Feb 19, 2020

This episode, Doctor Tom goes over how a test that can be performed at the Causenta Wellness Center, can give patients an insight into their well-being. With a comprehensive assessment Doctors can tell what the best form of action can be for patients, almost as if it were giving your whole body a tune-up!

Some questions...

Feb 12, 2020

In this week's episode of Ask Doctor Tom, Doctor Tom goes over how a good night's sleep can lead to a better functioning immune system. He also goes over some common ways most people can reduce inflammation feelings they get.


Dr. Tom (Thomas Incledon) is the founder and CEO of Causenta Wellness, and the Causenta...

Feb 5, 2020

This week's episode Doctor Tom goes over commonly asked questions about the latest epidemic the Coronavirus. People tend to freak out or worry about the wrong things,find out what you should be really be planning to avoid,and prepare against when it comes to the Coronavirus.

Some topics covered in this episode...